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"About Us," in this case, is mainly about Steve Royal, because he developed Prioritized Problem Resolutiion (PPR).The PPR process is easy to follow and use. PPR almost always results in agreed actions to take next. Usually, Steve doesn't need to be contacted, but inquiries are always welcomed. Now...more about Steve Royal...

Steve graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Inorganic Chemistry.  Not enjoying laboratory work as much as he might have, Steve was fortunate to find a job with Eastman Kodak Company (remember film?) performing development work in a production department that used huge kettles instead of small test tubes. He had found a home and worked there for almost 29 years. His positions ranged from development chemist to shift supervisor to product manager to department manager.

Quite unexpectedly, Steve was asked to become a developer and facilitator for supervisory training courses and ultimately, the many training courses involved with quality improvement. This wonderful (and temporary) assignment lasted eight years.

Then, the magic happened.
Steve developed PPR.
Steve made PPR easy and fun.
PPR made life easier.
Chemist or not, Steve found that becoming proficient in many skills and then teaching how to use those skills to others was the most satisfying thing he had ever done.He was lucky enough to accept an early retirement, after which he formed Royal Associates, where he specializes in Prioritized Problem Solving (PPR). Steve also has several associates that work closely with him as necessary.
You have probably noticed that this website is not flashy and what might be descriibed as "modern." This is because Steve believes in websites that are like Prioritized Problem Resolution (PPR) -- simple, easy to understand, and effective. A PDF version of PPR can be ordered for just $10.00, This includes all the support you need via email, telephone, or even a Zoom meeting for no additional cost. You have a whole lot to gain.

That's about it. You have at least some idea about what Prioritized Problem Resolution is and how it can benefit your business. Before you make any decisions, take a look at the checkist below and go from there.
Steve  Royal
If your answer to the last question is "Yes," then go ahead. Order a PDF copy of Prioritized Problem Resolution. Just click Order PPR. Always remember that if you have any questions, now  or when you're using PPR, just Contact Royal Associates and we will respond quickly. There is never a charge for advice on PPR. Thanks.
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