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Prioritized Problem Resolution (PPR) is a problem-solving process that makes sure that everyone is always working on the most important thing first.

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Well, the major reason for most problem-solving efforts failing is that there is too much UNDISCIPLINED THINKING. That means that, at any one time, everyone involved is thinking about something different instead of everyone thinking about the same thing at the same time. People tend to be much more productive when they're all “on the same page.”

Just for fun, check out the Royal Associates’ quick & easy “Problem Solving Flowchart.” Fortunately, PPR is a bit more effective than this process.

Prioritized Problem Resolution is a disciplined five step process that is guaranteed to help you solve your problems, or, at least show you what actions must be taken to solve your problems. That's pretty hard to beat! Take a look at the Benefits of Using PPR for more reasons to check out PPR.

Prioritized Problem Resolution


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Prioritized Problem Resolution

Here’s what happens when you use PPR to solve your Problems.

Before using PIR
After using PIR
PPR solves problems effectively.